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dankiusislost said: what is the proper way to wipe your ass?


whatever way makes the poop go away


A Spike Jonze film 


A Spike Jonze film 

Wrote some grooves over Michael Jackson’s Scream for a laugh. Just a quick recording/mix!

Recorded, mixed & mastered @ Pretty awesome cover!


In Japan, it is customary for families to bathe together, and one dad decided to liven up bath time with cosplay.


Tumblr meet up trini massive or?





Bring Your Own Beverages (and Snackage) yeah?

I vote botanical gardens picnic. 

this is my plan i just haven’t made a post about it yet v_v

oops sorry to undercut your formal announcement hahaha

please still make a formal announcement and include flower crowns

I want to phal!


TIL how japan views american lawyers.  pretty accurate.

I miss kenshin alot

I miss kenshin alot

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"One thing I forgot to mention...
Hitokiri Battousai's style of fighting is not that of the
"Kamiya Kasshin Ryu"
It's an old style of kenjutsu, which arose in the Sengoku Era,
designed to face many opponents at once
Its name is "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu" and without the sakabatou,
it is slaughter with deadly swiftness."

Commemorating 20 years with Rurouni Kenshin ( ̄〜)

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So I just felt a bit nostalgic today and decided to do a straight cover of one of my favourite tracks from link’s awakening. It was pretty mood and definately made faceshrine the creepiest dungeon for me.


So trying my hand at a dungeon theme. Felt like walking into a forest dungeon in Zelda game. Also the layers within the song are meant to correspond with how close a person is to something significant within the dungeon.