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So I just felt a bit nostalgic today and decided to do a straight cover of one of my favourite tracks from link’s awakening. It was pretty mood and definately made faceshrine the creepiest dungeon for me.


So trying my hand at a dungeon theme. Felt like walking into a forest dungeon in Zelda game. Also the layers within the song are meant to correspond with how close a person is to something significant within the dungeon.


So I started playing Paper Mario and there was a melody right after the start of the game. A twinkly melody, I really liked so I figured I’ll continue my logic self learning by making up something. Ended up becoming something that reminded me of my summers spent at home doing absolutely nothing, playing vidya and messing around on my sister’s little casio keyboard. Anyways I liked the feel and tone of what came out.

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The Stork


The Stork



This is Epic. Lol they’re not about to leave this kid alone no time soon.


Sia asked me to remix her song “Chandelier!” Enjoy!

Final Fantasy IV:Characters and their Abilities

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my favorite part of germany winning is probably finally seeing Joachim Löw smiling

Modular Records

Subwoofer required Jamaica! #vanshe